Septic Tank and Cess pits


Are you aware that as of 01st January 2020 all septic tanks that discharge into a watercourse or ditch must be replaced to comply with the new Environmental Agency General Binding Rules 

If you live in England or Wales and your septic tank system discharges into a watercourse (stream, River Etc) or a ditch you must change your system to discharge into a drainage field.

If the course of discharge cannot be changed the system must be replaced by a treatment plant. The treatment plant must have a full BS EN 12566-3 

If your property is deemed as environmentally sensitive there is extra protection in place to cover this, Where this is the case you may need to apply for a permit.

Selling your house

If youre planning to sell your property before the 1st January 2020 you must make sure that your tank system has been replaced before you move or have an agreement in place with the new buyers.

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