Blocked Drains

There is nothing worse than having sewerage coming up and into your garden or patio.


Blockages can happen for so many reasons, build up of waste, tissue, sanitary ware, fat, silt, scale, broken pipes, root ingress, the list goes on.


Sometimes we hear that clients have tried to push through using rods, sometimes this can help but other times it actually can make the situation worse by compacting the blockage further, or losing the drain rods in the drain run.  We have over 20 years experience and knowledge in drainage and the equipment to jet through the drain line or rod appropriately.  


Recently the local water authority has taken over the ownership of drain runs, which means as soon as your drain pipe run is shared with a neighbour it is then the responsibility of the local water board. Please click the link to explain more.


If it is blocked and serves just your property R. Harvey Drainage can come and clear your drain for a Fixed fee of £80+ vat no hidden charges, or £90 for commercial properties if you would like further advice on this please contact us. 


For all weekend, bank holiday  callouts we charge a Fixed Fee of £100 + vat 


Root Cut and De-scale

Root cut

Trees near drain runs can cause a vast amount of issues, blocked drains, cracked drain pipes, and root ingress. We are able to cut the roots back using specialist equipment.



We live in a hard water area and our lifestyle can also result in drain lines becoming scaled up shrinking the circumference causing difficulty for water to get through. We can De-scale your drains and pipes getting everything flowing as it should.  

Drainage cctv surveys    



Are you buying a property? Commercial or residential.

Do you want to know if there is going to be any expensive drainage issues?

Do you keep get ongoing drainage issues?

Do you know that drainage issue could result in property subsidence?


Continual blocked drains, toilets, or sinks could be a result of so many hidden problems, a build up of scale, soap, washing powder's, too much toilet paper, dropped toilet fresheners,  tree roots taps in to the drain line, tree roots into the drain line, rodent (rat) holes the list goes on.


We can carry out a full drainage cctv survey with one of our fully qualified drainage specialists and provide a very comprehensive report. Using all of the latest technology.


Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a great way to smooth over rodent holes, tree root tap holes, and cracks. We are able to use the latest technology to apply a patch of various sizes of non shrink resin to glide over cracks and holes in the pipe. great for are customers no mess from digging up and a quick fix to what could be a very expensive catalogue of blockages and continual drainage issues.

Gutter Clearance 

Regular maintenance and gutter cleaning, can help to stop leaves, silt, moss and debris getting into and blocking your drains and gullys.


Living in a rainy Great Britain it is essential to keep gutters clear, as a build up of moss, silt and debris will cause blockages causing  water to have no outlet  along the gutters, down pipes, into the drainage, other than to run over the guttering causing damages externally and internally, to walls, cavities, and brickwork. 


The weight from debris can also cause gutters to bow, bend and break.



Gutter clearance packages available from £40 + vat. Please contact 01233 628279

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